Civil Projects


Our experience spans many areas in civil construction, and we pride ourselves  on helping to build the future of South Africa. Civil projects include structures such as airports, roads, bridges, dams, sewerage, railways, and many more.


  • Road Infrastructure
    • Our expertise encompasses all aspects of road construction, resurfacing, and rehabilitation. From procuring and administering the correct documentation to construction monitoring, Lukhono has the perfect team set up to ensure the completion of your road infrastructure projects.


  • Maintenance Projects
    • High traffic volumes and certain environmental factors affect the pavement quality; we can execute a wide array of maintenance projects, for example crack sealing, patching, edge repair, shoulders re-graveling and grading. Whether you require freeway maintenance on an ongoing project basis or a once-off resurfacing project, Lukhono can supply you with the best maintenance service for your projects.


  • Bulk Earthworks
    • By creating a level, soil-based surface, our specialist developers, alongside our skilled construction teams, assure your bulk earthworks and greenfield projects are finalized to perfection. Lukhono has the machinery, knowledge and skill in ground preparation to effectively move large quantities of soil, rock, foliage or debris from one place to another.


  • Pipelines
    • Once the design is completed and all approvals have been granted, Lukhono works with all respective parties in the pipeline construction process. Pipeline projects can often come with complications, but we are able to ensure construction goes smoothly and your project functions to its optimal potential. Lukhono’s scope of pipeline projects include Water and Sanitation projects based on each clients’ requirements. The Lukhono team is able to cover all the areas of pipeline construction you may require, whether it be bulk sewer infrastructure or retaining walls.


  • Demolitions
    • Lukhono combines time-tested expertise with superior safety precautions to ensure risk-managed demolitions of all sizes and scales. Our specialist demolition projects are carefully planned, engineered, and implemented to minimize risk and maximize building destruction efficiency.


  • Recycling
    • Many building materials, such as timber, concrete, and metals. Rubble waste materials can be recycled once structures have been demolished or altered into re-usable quality filling material to engineers specifications. The reclamation of these materials aids the sustainability of building practices by minimizing the effects on the environment. Trees can be processed into chips or mulch to be composted and reused in landscaping. At Lukhono, recoverable waste materials are salvaged, sorted, and responsibly distributed, ensuring that the construction site is left clear and the environmental impact of the project is managed.


Turnkey Projects


Turnkey projects require an entirely different approach to other construction projects. We work closely with our clients to plan and understand their requirements and aspire to fulfill their expectations whilst remaining cost-effective. We also consistently pledge our dedication to the accurate delivery and efficiency of your project.


  • In-house Project Management
    • Our dedicated project managers have extensive experience in providing effective solutions throughout our vast construction projects portfolio, and this expertise is honed in our project management services. Project management helps circumvent any problematic areas and provide creative solutions to planning and construction. Having this service in-house allows your project to run smoothly, no matter what.


  • Project Cost Management and Value Engineering
    • Throughout a project’s planning, design, and construction, Cost Management is employed to balance a project’s scope with the client’s expectations. The Lukhono team monitors and manages the balance of quality, budget, and client expectations throughout the project’s life. Unexpected variable costs can create delays in your project. Project cost management and value engineering allow us to implement systematic methods that ultimately optimize your budget. With Lukhono, quality is always guaranteed regardless of budget.